Sunday, June 10, 2012

Julep Maven: June Mystery Box

Occasionally, in addition to the normal boxes that post once-per-month, Julep will post a special for "Mystery Boxes". I haven't been around long enough to find out, but I believe that they do them once a month, as well. I ordered a June Mystery Box, and I'm super excited to share what I got with you!

I used the promo code to get my box for $19.99, which is the usual amount that the monthly Maven boxes are. The Mystery Boxes are valued at anywhere between $60 (which is equivalent to about four bottles of normally-priced polish, give or take a bit) and $200 (which is equal to about fourteen bottles of polish). This month, there's a chance that the box will include the full current line of Julep nail polish OR a special limited edition mystery color!

Such cute packaging! I love the fact that the monthly subscription boxes I get are so cute when I open them!
 A fine and super fine nail file, which is perfect for me!
Emma, "Soft and feminine seashell pink shimmer, so elegant alone or for extra shine over any shade."

Gayle, "Regal, deep aubergine creme. Sophisticated yet playful."

I really like the polishes and goodies that I got in my Mystery Box this month! Emma is definitely something that I could see wearing to work, while Gayle seems like something I'd wear in a pedicure or on my tips. They're definitely gorgeous. And for those of you keeping track, the total of my Mystery Box was $116, not including shipping fees. Pretty good, for $19.99!

If this has interested you in becoming a Julep Maven, and saving money on some fantastic Julep polishes and products (as well as the convenience of having them delivered right to your door), I hope that you would use this referral link to sign up! If you use the code 'COLOR2012', you can get your initial Maven box for $0.01, plus shipping!

(Additionally, I feel that I need to apologize for the noise in these photos! I've been messing around with the setting on my camera recently, and I didn't reset anything before taking these. I'll remember, next time!)


  1. I've just started following your blog and as a new blogger I think you have some lovely posts :) you deserve so many more than 3followers. I hope people find you too! xxx

  2. OH, my goodness! Thank you so much! <3 That's so sweet of you to say. Honestly, I've been getting a little discouraged with blogging, lately; it seems like I don't have much that's "important" or interesting to say! But I'm glad that you like my blog; THAT'S the important part, I think. If at least one person likes what I write, then... I guess I've done my job. So, thank you! Just the boost of confidence I needed! <3


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